About B!

On August 10th it’s shooting stars day in Italy. In 1984 while people gathered outside star gazing (and quickly run back to flee a determined thunderstorm), Bernardo was busy being born in a Florence clinic.

A good while after that, he went on to pursue his college studies in international relations at the University of Florence and, as graduation time approached, moved to Dublin to work in a finance company where he spent the last four, very complicated, years. Now he’s living a wonderful interlude but please don’t ask him what after because he doesn’t have the slightest clue about it.

Bernardo loves soccer, fishing and warm weather. He hates Juventus, cheese and things that don’t make sense, although, to his credit, he learned pretty well to cope with all of them.

Bernardo procrastiwrites, often, very often. This blog is a tribute to his innate ability to just “do it later” and hopefully, will support your efforts in getting distracted from other “very important things” as well.


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